We've compiled this list of Frequently Asked Questions to help answer some of the more popular questions we've received in the past.

Q1 - What does "Gleaning" mean?

Gleaning is a biblical term where the farmers were instructed to leave the corners of the their fields un-harvested so that the poor could gather enough to feed themselves.

Q2 - How much surplus produce is there in Ontario?

There is an estimated surplus 25 million pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables in Ontario, that is currently plowed back into the soil or sent out for disposal. 2000 pounds of fresh produce will produce approximately 6500 individual soup servings (3 pound bag will make 100 servings).

Q3 - How is the produce processed?

Volunteers sort and wash the produce, load it into bins, and send it to the work stations. The produce is then put into the dicer, and the diced produce is placed into a hopper which distributes it over a conveyor belt which goes into the dryer.

Q4 - What are the benefits of this project?

  • Fulfill God’s mandate to feed the poor
  • Unite people of similar values
  • Provide volunteer opportunities and community building
  • Alleviate solid waste in our landfills
  • Reduce methane emissions
  • Help farmers and retailers to reduce disposal costs
  • Build awareness of our abundance and others’ needs
  • Loosen the chains of injustice
  • Provide nutritious food to those in need locally and internationally
  • Be an example of how each person can make a difference